Purchase now, save money and skip the queue!

The entrance ticket, available on-site at the ticket office during the four days of Creattiva, costs € 11,00 (standard ticket)

If you are interested in purchasing your ticket in advance, skipping the queue and saving money, you can buy your online ticket (€ 9,00) here:

  • In order to get the REDUCED-PRICE TICKET, it is necessary to proceed with an online purchase. This avoids overcrowding at the ticket office.
  • The online purchase procedure is intuitive, fast and safe and will let you purchase an effective ENTRANCE TICKET. You will not be requested to go to the ticket office, and you will proceed directly to the entrance
  • The online ticket is an “Open” one, that means that it will be valid for one out of the four opening days, at your choice
  • Promoberg, the organizer of Creattiva, takes on the presale cost
  • The costs charged to the buyer are the ticket price and the cost of banking service (3% of the value of the purchased ticket)
    The website that support Promoberg for the online pre-sales are part of the well-known ticket presale circuits for theaters and concerts (VivaTicket), with which Promoberg has been working for years and that assure safe certified payment procedures
  • It is underlined that entry tickets cannot be reimbursed and that reselling activity is forbidden by the law

N.B. The only wat to get the reduced-price ticket is though the online purchase. Reduced-price PLUS tickets, Free tickets and Four-days tickets can only be issued at the ticket office.