Are you part of a group and want to speed up
your entrance to Napoli Creattiva?

Find out the groups that are planning their visit to Creattiva and join them to save on the entrance fee and to have a company made of enthusiastic people just like you*

Visiting Creattiva with a group is amusing and cheap: for groups made up by a minimum of 20 participants, there is the reduced-price entrance ticket (€ 5 instead of € 7), plus one free ticket for the group leader.

Are you organizing a coach to come to visit Creattiva?
Let us know, we will help you to fill the empty seats


If there are not already organized groups leaving from your city, propose yourself as a group organizer, filling the form below. This section is a meeting point between everyone who is planning a visit to Creattiva and everyone who lives in the same geographic area.
We will publish for free on this website – “Groups” section – the data you provided us with, helping you to build up a large group. People living on the way of your itinerary will be able to contact you and arrange a ride.

Only groups over 20 people deserve the reduced-price ticket (€5), plus one free ticket for the group leader.

Have you organized a coach travel?
Missing a few days at the event?
Book now your entrance tickets for Creattiva!
(for Travel agency and Group leaders)


Only groups over 25 people deserve the reduced-price ticket PLUS (€7), plus one free ticket for the group leader


  • The registration procedure does not replace the purchase of the tickets but is just a procedure intended to facilitate the access for large groups
  • If your group in below 20 people, you DO NOT need to go for the registration, since there are no facilitations
  • Once at the end of the booking procedure, please wait for the confirmation email with the count of what will be due on the day of your visit
  • Tickets for the whole group must be collected at the Groups Ticket Office. Here is where the Group Leader will make the payment of the total as well.
  • N.B. The registration is admitted not later than 6 pm on Monday 4th November 2019

*Creattiva and Promoberg give visibility to groups in order to facilitate contacts between passionate people interested in sharing the journey towards Creattiva; they do not assume any responsibility for the agreements, that are of relevance only to parties, namely the organizer/group-leader and the traveler.