Everyone arriving in Bergamo for the first time are enchanted by the surprising view of both the Upper Town, the ancient city on the hills, and the Lower Town, the modern one.

The charm of Bergamo is due to the harmonious presence of lively villages, ancient neighborhoods with magnificent views, relevant religious places richly decorated as well as modern shopping streets, green corners for a break and quiet hills for a walk in the nature.

The references to different eras and styles make the city a wonderful surprise, to experience and spread, sharing the emotion that Bergamo offers.

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Discover the Heart of Bergamo

The Piacentinian Center is the heart of the Lower Town, an architectural site designed by Marcello Piacentini.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Bergamo decided to rethink the Lower City with a project that aimed to make a decisive change to the area, until then occupied by the impressive eighteenth-century plant of the Sant’Alessandro Fair. This purpose led to the banning of two competitions for the overall redesign of what was intended to become the swarming fulcrum of the Lower City’s life.
The project “Guided tours and tourist itineraries in the heart of Bergamo” includes tourist itineraries created with the aim of unveiling the wonders of the Piacentinian Center.

Starting from Dante Square (1) and going along the streets in the area, you can admire all the buildings built by the Roman architect Piacentini, such as the Bank of Italy (2), the Justice Palace (3), the Two Courtyards (4), the Chamber of Commerce (5) and Unicredit Bank (7). Then heading towards the iconic Quadriportico (6), you face the Sentierone, the meeting and walking point of Bergamo, that continues until the War Memorial Tower (8), the symbol of the city that characterizes the Piacentinian Center.

From here, the center of gravity of the modern city, you have two options you can choose from, since today you can visit the two historic hamlets located east and west, respectively Borgo Pignolo and Borgo San Leonardo; nobler and more bourgeois the former, livelier and more popular the latter, but both with their personality that has been preserved over the centuries.

Pick up your Tour of The Piacentinian Center:
A. The Piacentinian Center, the Cloister of Santa Marta and the War Memorial Tower: a changing city
B. The Piacentinian Center and the Sant’Antonio/Pignolo Hamlet: historical streets, palaces, institutions
C. The Piacentinian Center and the San Leonardo Hamlet/Pontida Square: through shops, markets and places of faith
* You will also have the possibility to visit the Churches of San Bartolomeo, Santo Spirito and Sant’Alessandro in Colonna, compatibly with the opening hours and with the carrying out of religious services.
* Tours last for 2.30 h
* Tours need to achieve a minimum of 6 participants, up to a maximum of 25.

Reach Bergamo

  • Bergamo can be reached via highway A4 Milan-Venice (exit “Bergamo”)
  • Bergamo is connected directly by trains from Milan, Lecco, Brescia, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Verona
  • The railway station is located in Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, in the city center and a bus (ATB Line 1) leaves every 10 minutes from there. The “Viale Roma” stop is less than a minute’s walk from the Piacentinian Center.
  • The Orio al Serio Airport is just 6 kms away from the Piacentinian Center and frequently connected by a shot bus ride (ATB Line 1).

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