The Building

The exhibition center is a modern and functional structure, inaugurated in 2003


Ingresso galleria

Entrance and Central Gallery

The entrance boasts a large foyer, that includes eight ticket points, the wardrobe and the luggage room and the Organizational Office, the latter always operative during the opening days of Creattiva to assist visitors and exhibitors.
The Central Gallery accommodates special exhibition areas as well as services such as the bar, the self-service restaurant, the toilette, the Bancomat point and the Red Cross assistance point.


A and B pavilions are the fulcrum of the event: they are symmetric to the central gallery, are comfortable to be visited and have an area of 6.500 sqm that hosts the exhibitors.

Polo Espositivo - Centro Convegni

Congress Center

Entering the Gallery, on the left, the meeting center can be found: a complex structure composed by 2 rooms, the “Caravaggio Room” of 440 seats (with the possibility to split it in two equally capacious rooms) and the “Colleoni Room” of 35 seats. Both the rooms are at disposal to organize event with elegance, technology and functionality

Polo Espositivo - Ristorazione


The Exhibition Center has 4 restauration point. A self-service restaurant with about 220 places offers a wide range of hot dishes as well as wines and desserts, while three bars located in each pavilion and in the central gallery offer sandwiches, snacks and beverage



The offices are at the first and second floor and are reachable both from the outside and the inside through two lifts and three stairs. At the first floor there are the technical office, the commercial office, the promotional office, the meeting room and the press room while in the second floor there are the directional and administrative offices and the conference room.

Polo Espositivo - Parcheggio

Parking Area

The wide parking area, closed to the exhibition center, covers 41.300 sqm with 1.800 parking lots and proper areas for disabled people.