Creattiva Story

Creattiva is the Exhibition of Manual Arts, an event of reference in Italy, where about 300 businesses covering about 1600mq meet the public, made by passionate hobbyists of manual creative arts.

When in Creattiva, companies promote materials, equipment and techniques as well as sell their products. A huge event that takes place in Bergamo both in March and October, a success that boasts 20 editions in 10 years.

An exhibition at three hundred and sixty degrees: products, courses and demonstrations belonging to several product categories:
Embroidery – Patchwork – Quilting – Needle work – Decoupage – Craft – Stitchery – Cross stitch – Ceramics – Trompe l’oeil – Stencil – Twist-art – Stamping – Soft glass – Country decor- Felt – Beaux arts – Glass melting – Painting – Ceramic decoration – Candles – Country furniture – Beads – jewelry and accessories – Marble, wood and straw processing – Soaps – Frescos effect – Games – Miniatures – Dolls – Educational resources for children – Housekeeping – Techniques for using mechanical, electrical and hand tools – Creative cuisine – Floral art

Creattiva is historically a B2C exhibition, whose visitors are mainly of female gender. Due to its magnitude, it attracts even retailers, stylists and trendsetters interested in discovering new market trends, materials innovations and people’s feedbacks and reactions to novelties.

Creattiva gathers about 70.000 enthusiasts in a modern, comfortable and organized environment, triumph of creativity.

  • 2008: stems from an idea of Carlo Conte the first edition at the Exhibition Center, made of 62 exhibitors and 16.000 visitors, immediately showing its potential
  • 2009: Creattiva doubles, presenting both a spring edition and an autumn edition in Bergamo, recording a significant growth rate with its 93 exhibitors and 22.000 visitors.
  • 2012: Creattiva triples! Together with the two editions in Bergamo, the fist Naples Creattiva edition is born, filling in the demand for sector events in the South of Italy.
  • 2014: Creattiva becomes quadruple! Bergamo, Naples and the nee entry Bari, with its prestigious location of “Fiera del Levante”, award Creattiva as the industry-leading event: Bergamo counts 264 exhibitors and 57.000 visitors.
  • 2016: Creattiva lands in Milan, the economic and financial capital. For a such debut, choses the most prestigious and wanted venue at that moment, THE MALL, in Porta Nuova Varesine.
  • 2018: Creattiva confirms the three yearly appointments. Bergamo records 68.000 visitors and about 300 exhibitors each edition and Naples touches a new record with its 24.000 visitors.